Albanian boysActivity Centre-Albania is a ministry of LightForce International, a British Registered Charity based at the Christian Centre in Milton Keynes, England. Since our establishment in Poland during the Cold War years, LightForce International has touched many countries in Eastern Europe and others worldwide. Our charity is a Christian based ministry committed to taking good news to the poor and providing practical help to people in need, specifically in the countries India, Kenya, Uganda, and Albania. Though our activities vary country by country, our main pathways to obtain these goals are through humanitarian aid and sustainable development while simultaneously seeking to uphold Christian values in all our work.

LightForce International first came to Albania in 1992 with the vision of helping the suffering in whatever means necessary. Throughout the years we have provided humanitarian aid by supplying resources to those in need, including during the Kosovo Crisis in 1999 where we had the opportunity to render housing and necessary equipment for survival to over 6,000 refugees. Thanks to the abundant amount of aid delivered, we have carried out community renovation projects such as repairing and constructing hospitals, schools, and homes. Along with renovation projects, we have had thousands of volunteers give their personal time to help with community development projects to provide training, long-term employment and the creation of small businesses to enable people to rebuild their lives. LightForce is always looking for opportunities to serve the wider community and has done so through the distribution of cattle, support for vulnerable families, and donating food to the elderly.

Albania Adventure CentreLightForce International sees the need to present solid values, especially to Albanian children, to help shape their lives because we believe they will be the decision and policy makers of the future. It is for this reason that LightForce has developed a very desirable activity centre to host and run children’s summer camps in Ishull-Lezhe, Albania. Our camps allow children to enjoy trips to the beach, days filled with fun, yummy food and a variety of creative recreational activities. In the middle of summer 2010, we expanded to a property in the beautiful mountainous region of Lura which has been renovated to provide accommodation in two attached village houses as well as camping in the grounds. In addition to the summer camps, LightForce is able to use these two exciting Activity Centres for the benefit of conference, church, and school groups, and to treat individuals or families on holiday.

On Site Staff

LightForce staff has enormous experience providing child friendly spaces in refugee camps, running children and youth groups, organising children’s camps and conducting outdoor activities.

racheledwardsRachel Edwards

Rachel Edwards is an outdoor pursuits fanatic! She enjoys skiing, snowboarding, archery, canoeing, kayaking, climbing, orienteering, leading expedition groups and is even qualified to teach most of these activities to some level. Rachel is our outdoor activity trainer for local staff and monitors the activities for most of the summer.



tim_briefingTim Miles

Tim Miles is an ex-British Army Royal Engineer (Corporal), PT instructor, former paramedic and now emergency medical practitioner. Has been involved in Albania since living here for almost two years in 1994-1995. Tim is fit as can be! As well as his medical work, he enjoys climbing, caving, hiking, and mountaineering. He is our first aid and lifeguard trainer, medical advisor, scout group leader and provides training for our available activities.




International Director


George Ridley

George Ridley oversees the leadership and management of the Activity Centres in addition to his role as Director of LightForce International. Based in Milton Keynes, England, George travels extensively and oversees projects in Europe, Africa and Asia and has worked in cross-cultural settings for over 30 years. His 36 years of experience directing camps and projects across the United Kingdom and Europe are marked by a track record of safety, excellence, fun, and innovation. He has worked on projects in Albania since 1993 and is personally overseeing the progress and development of our Activity Centres.

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