Family Adventures

LightForce International has developed a fantastic centre in the north of Albania full of opportunities for adventurous, outdoor activities. We wide range of people: from free-spirited individuals, clubs or groups, looking to get outside and climb, bike, hike and paddle; to families wanting that extra excitement in an outdoor setting, but still have the element of comfort and safety.
Ishull Lezhe Activity Centre

Ishull Lezhe

The pleasant, riverside Adventure Centre in Ishull-Lezhe is located just 3 miles from the warm seas of the Adriatic coast. If interested, transport to the beach is available. Since the summer of 2010, LightForce International has hosted many children’s camps at the Adventure Centre in Ishull Lezhe where thousands of children have enjoyed a week of outdoor fun. Along with children’s summer camps, this Centre has been used successfully for some years by church and other groups who have greatly enjoyed their stay.



Residential Accommodation:

  • Accommodation at the Adventure Centre is comfortable villa style with ample shower and toilet facilities
  • From the months of June to August, there is residential accommodation on site for a total of 120 people
  • Indoor facilities can sleep 80 people (We have 10 indoor bathrooms complete with toilets, shower and hot water)
  • Outdoor camping tents can sleep 40 people (Outdoors, we have ample toilet, shower and washing facilities)

Booking Requirements:

There are three options available when booking a reservation at the Adventure Centre:

  • We ask groups to reserve a minimum of 40 beds to occupy one floor of the house
  • If you would like exclusive use of the whole house, we ask groups to reserve all 80 beds
  • If your group is more than 40 people, but does not need exclusive use of the house, the difference can be housed in tents

Albania Family Holidays


  • For large groups, we have an indoor meeting room and multiple covered outside meeting areas
  • Our kitchen is located on the third floor with an adjacent dining room for the option of eating indoors, or you can dine outdoors on our lovely terrace which overlooks across the river to the nearby hills of Albania
  • For the kids, we have a game room with plenty of games to keep them entertained for hours
  • Groups using the Centre have a choice of menus depending on the event and clientele



We will host groups of up to 50 children for Day Camps from the hours of 9:00am – 5:00pm. Kids will get to enjoy all the facilities and a full programme of activities. Lunch will be provided for the children.


Camp Dates:

  • Dates and length can be decided by the group (add in maximum and minimum amount of time length?)
  • If you prefer, we have designed a standard programme for five days and four nights


  • Arrival is at 5:00PM on opening day; this gives time for room allocation before supper
  • Departure on closing day is by 9:00AM after breakfast, packing and cleaning up
  • These times must be strictly adhered to in order for our staff to get the Centre ready for the arrival of next group

Age Groups:

  • When LightForce International is running the programme, we accept children aged 8 -14 years

Albania Family Holidays


  • Built-in Climbing Rock Wall
  • Swimming Pool
  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Outdoor Adventure Playground
  • Archery Area
  • Children’s Farm
  • Target Golf
  • Fitness Gym
  • Craft Zone
  • Large Game Zone
  • Beach Visits
  • Table Soccer
  • Bouncy Castle
  • Trampoline
  • An interesting, fun presentation of life skills and values has given our visitors lots to think about!