Summer Camps

Thousands of children have enjoyed a week of outdoor fun at the LightForce Centre in Ishull Lezhe since summer camps were launched in 2001. Visits to the beach, football, volleyball, table soccer, pool, the bouncy castle, children’s play area and adventure playground have all provided plenty of physical challenge whilst crafts, creative activity and an interesting, fun presentation of life skills & values has given our visitors lots to think about!


The facilities at the LightForce Centre are available June-August. Groups decide the specific dates they would want to come and will need to contact our staff to confirm availability.


Our facilities can accommodate up to 120 people:   80 in our indoor facility, divided between two floors, and 40 outside on camping grounds.

  • Groups have the option between reserving a single floor or both floors.
  • By reserving both floors the group receives exclusive rights to the house.


Schedules and Programs:

Our staff has a five-day, four-night schedule that includes programs and activities that visiting groups are welcome to use. However, groups who would prefer to create their own scheduled program are free to do so We do ask that you contact our staff beforehand about your decision.

Activities Offered:

  • Climbing Wall
  • Children’s Farm
  • Swimming Pool
  • Playground
  • Fitness Zone (Ages 12+)
  • Crafts
  • Various Sports
  • Archery
  • Bounce Castles



The menu and prices vary from group to group. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided during your group’s stay.

Our Staff:

LightForce International will have its own staff during the summer to supervise activity zones and ensure user safety and respect for equipment. Groups will need to discuss their programme requirements and we will be happy to facilitate them.

Rachel Edwards: Outdoor Activity Director
Tim Miles: Medical Advisor and Lifeguard Trainer
George Ridley: Management of Activity Centre